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Orangebutt - Vespa V50 Special Restoration

Orangebutt - V50 Special

One of my homies, surf buddies and business partner's Vespa. I have actually bought this one some time ago in a bavarian city nearby. Since his girlfriend didn't really use it and the Vespa has spent the winter time in our garage, we decided to go for a complete restoration and present it now in the hallway of our office.

Kilimandscharo - Vespa V50 Special Restoration

Kilimandscharo - V50 Special

This one I bought myself just around the corner where I live. During the demonstration of the engine running, the throttle cable jammed and the sales guy engaged gear by mistake. The result was a spectacular crash and some unfortunate dents and paint damage. It was sold to my best man whilst he was still living in Munich. With a heavy heart because it was manufactured 1973 - the year I was born ;-) He drove it for a while before moving away from Munich. After 3 sad years in the underground parking we decided to give him a new paint coat as a present for his 30th birthday. Since he also got married we made it a full restoration. The Vespas title Kilimandscharo is te result of a trip he made to Africa, climbing up this mountain plus the name of the lacquer he has chosen is Kilimandscharo.

Vespa Trailer

Vespa Trailer

This idea was born out of a time when we actually haven't had something real to do. The only requirement we had was that a crate of our most favourite beer (Augustiner) has to fit inside. We want this trailer to have two wheels and being officially registered for public roads. A project just for fun and run on the side whenever we have some spare time left.

Mini Vespa - Elektrical

Mini Vespa

Another fun project. This time by my workshop bro and intended to be used by his little daughter. He bought this toy on ebay for incredible 170€. No battery, no saddle but more or less wasted. Originally sold as a PX200 model by a big and famous vendor called Peg Perego. He pimped this one with some extra parts from the original Vespa 50.

Porco Rosso - Round Headset Vespa Restoration

Porco Rosso - Round Headset

...or the red pig, which finally became a blue smurf. This Vespa is made in 1966 and was bought for 1300€ on ebay by one of our best friends and former colleague of mine. Basically in a pretty good condition but we stripped it down anyway. Money in that case dind't really matter and hence the result was one of the best ones.

Banana Joe - Vespa V50 Special Restoration

Banana Joe - V50 Special

Sort of accidentally purchased together with the Watzling-Vespa. The offer on Autoscout24 didn't really show that it is about two Vespas. Well, in the end it was a kind of nice surprise and the young guys selling it were sort of the typical nice guys from out in the bavarian wilderness - riding pimped motorcycles and a garage stuffed up to the ceiling with parts. Both Vespa were a heritage of someone that never came back and had to be towed out from the depth of a shed. But those guys were really nice and have actually delivered the two Vespas right to my door.

Watzling - Vespa V50 Special Restoration Tuning

Watzling - V50 Special

That is the other Vespa bought from the two crazy guys. Unfortunately the frame is slightly cut and it came with the Primavera Headset. But including a Garelli fender and some checker plate. Not really our style that's why the decision was made to build up something we like to call the Racer. All tuning parts, everything that we had left loitering around somewhere was basically made subject to be used. lighter freewheel, 20/20 carb, Polini membrane inlet manifold, S-Engine equipped with 75cc DR. The colour is some kind of homage to the Fiat Abarth. Just primer used for paint and coated with clear coat. Nothing to be driven officially out there on the street. But still one of my favs from our collection.

Woodstock - Vespa V50 Special Restoration

Woodstock - V50 Special

Again a Vespa caught on ebay. Actually too expensive but just around the corner. Restored by my buddy for a friend's wedding (again). This time somebody from the Kindergarden-Connection.

Hasenmafia - Vespa Round Headset Restoration

Hasenmafia - V50 Round Headset

One of the most challenging restoration we ever made. One of our best friend came asking for a present for his girlfriends 30th birthday. A Vespa would be nice. Of course that would be nice but the time he offered us was basically about 7 weeks. Well, we are married with children and a few evenings and the weekend would have been the slots for this job. We firstly rejected this 'offer' but one week later we couldn't resist and said yes to this project. Luckily we had another round headset V50 left by one of the former lodgers which we bought off him. Unfortunately he knows the market and the prices, hence it wasn't really a cheap deal. We had to save some money during the restoration process, but still made it in time!

Pauline - 125 GTR

Pauline - 125 GTR

A by-catch when we bought a V50 off a colleague that had to move to London. One of those moments in life when luck seems to hug and kiss you. The V50 became the petit rosso and the 125 GTR that only had french registration papers became Pauline. At one day when we thought about what to do next we pulled the GTR out of the shed and just kicked off this project. Well, just to say the least, this one was the most intense project and the GTR was basically a freaking wreck. In the end Pauline became one of our most loved Vespas and was proudly added to the collection. Her black vintage look and the green floor-board rubber really give her that special style. Pauline made it into our hearts and even though both of us are lacking the needed drivers license, we will never ever gonna sell her!

Buster Vespa - Vespa V50 Special Restaurierung

Buster - V50 Special

Most probably the best one we ever built. Surely one of the best basis we ever had. The owner of it is one of my best mates, business partner and owner of Buster Surfboards. The title of this Vespa was nothing but a logical consequence and tribute to his business.

B2-SPIRIT - Vespa PK 50 S Restoration


Another 'accident'. Placed a bid on ebay but didn't get it. However, the person that won the auction didn't take it either and I was offered to buy as the second highest bidder. I just bought another V50 but since that one was now just around the corner in Munich, I accepted the offer and took it home. The restoration was certainly one of the fastest ones. In total I did work about 2 days on it.

Black Beauty - Vespa V50 Spezial Restoration

Black Beauty - V50 Spezial

My buddies own project. But as often, there is always something else to do but having time for our own stuff. Hence this project is now already on for more than two years but slowly but constantly now coming to an end. The final paint is on since one week now and we are looking forward to a couple of new pics soon. But the colour has changed meanwhile from black to grey-beige. We bought this one at Ammersee neraby Munich. Engine not working was the condition and hence it was rather cheap. Well, to be honest it was a freaking top deal if you think about it today :-) We have pushed the Vespa with engaged gear for about 10 minutes and from that moment on it was driven for more than one season. By the way, this is one of the rare Elestart model with a second side cover.

Miss Coconut - Vespa V50 Spezial Restaurierung

Miss Coconut - V50 Spezial

One of our first jobs. Purchased as a fine and well maintained grandpa's vehicle. But it had to pay its tribute to 3 years being left outside exposed to all kind of weather. We had to weld the floor-board and re-work a couple of things to make it run again. The color name is Coconut and we knew this will be the project title too. Not our best one in terms of restoration quality but still a worthy member of our collection.

Marrie - Vespa V50 Spezial Restoration

Marrie - V50 Spezial

This is how all got started. There were some sandblasted rims and a disassembled engine. What are we gonna do with it? The idea was to build up a complete Vespa as a wedding present for one of our very best friends. We had to collect all needed parts from various different sources, but that made the job somewhat interesting. We are happy with the result and during the hand over at the wedding we have been accompanied by a local Vespa club. Great show.