Vespa Links

Rollerwerke Hofmann - Vespa parts at a nice price

Rollerwerke Hofmann

Loads of interesting parts you won't always find at other sites. All with a fair price. Unfortunately a bit of a limited line of products and not specifically and only for the small-frame models. More large-frame products but still a recommendable shop.

Sip Scootershop - Offer

SIP Scootershop

The classic online shop. Complete product line and a professional web site that is also available in various languages. You will more or less get all you need here and the prices are on an acceptable level.

Scooter Help - english information

Scooter Help

Very useful english webpage. Loads of useful information such as serial number query, tuning, electrics, tips and restoration reports. - alles rund um die Vespa 50

Another nice site that is taking care of our 'little' ones. A lot of good information and a very interesting forum. - extrem günstige und gute Aerosole

MW Werkstatt-Produkte

Our most prefered shop for especially aerosol products. Unbeaten in price and quality. Standard aerosol spray cans such as primer and filler in very good quality for an absolutely uncredibly low price.

Günstige Kugellager und Simmerringe

After some time of investigation, we finally found a shop for bearings and seal rings that is very much less expensive as compared to most of the other known shops. They also offer a great selection that let's you decide if you want to go for european or chinese goods.

Eines der wichtigsten Vespaforen

One of or even THE most important german language forum for Vespas. Many users, always up2date, complete and competent. They may even accept questions in english. Just give it a try.

Sven Mader - Rollerlager

Most of you know how difficult it can be to firstly find a classical Vespa for sale and secondly for an affordable and acceptable price. Here is the solution: Sven Mader from Lampertheim in the german state Hessen. A really huge selection of used Vespas. All kind of builds, versions and in fact super friendly and compentent.